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Unicci100, to be one of a kind, to stand out from the crowd. Unicci100 is the first company that only produces a 100 garments of each design. Extraordinary prints molded into versatile tracksuits. Unique, luxurious and exclusive. That’s the Unicci way.

Unicci100 is derived from the Italian word “unique”. This is also what the brand stands for. In addition, the 100 stands for the number of garments we produce of each design. Authenticity is something we strive for, we believe this is the foundation of unique design. 

From a young age, owner and CEO of Unicci100 spent a lot of time in the world of luxury fashion. Where her father already has strong roots in the industry, she took inspiration from his success and with his support and guidance they created Unicci100. The family duo had long noticed the absence of unique streetwear, clothes that were loud, fun and eccentric. So, with this seed of inspiration together they decided to take matters into their own hands and create a brand which offers products like this. Unique prints molded into versatile tracksuits reflecting their on-the-go, entrepreneur lifestyle. 

On top of this they noticed no other brand produces only 100 pieces. To accentuate the idea of luxury streetwear the limited amount of garments produced means that you could own one of few. Each garment has its own number and logo engraved on a metal plate and comes with a certificate so you can authenticate it, which means that you are the bona fide owner of exclusive design.

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